news_img ASIC asserts rights to ML chip market;

According to a report published by Allied Market Research, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs) will dominate the machine learning (ML) chip market.


news_img KIT unveils single-atom transistor;

A team of researchers, led by physicist Professor Thomas Schimmel, at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have developed a single-atom transistor, the smallest transistor worldwide.


news_img Arm discloses two-year roadmap for CPUs;

Breaking with tradition, Arm has announced a roadmap for its client CPUs, and plans for a new CPU later this year and the company’s plans to meet the demands of 5G and always-connected devices.


news_img Mouser adds Microchip’s dual-core DSCs for motor control;

dual-core digital signal controllers (DSCs) for motor control applications.


news_img Fully printed flexible display offers low power for simple IoT devices;

Electrochromic technology is the key to low-cost simple displays, according to Swedish firm Rdot Displays.


news_img Battery charger dev kit;

The ST plug-and-play wireless battery-charger development kit (STEVAL-ISB045V1) lets users build ultra-compact chargers up to 2.5W with a space-saving 20mm-diameter coil, for charging small IoT devices and wearables such as smart watches, sports gear, or healthcare equipment.