news_img Everybody’s talking about voice control;

Human interaction with technology through voice control is more convenient than touchscreens but difficult to achieve – until now, says Cliff Ortmeyer of Premier Farnell.


news_img [Electronics] Single tube SSTC tutorial (can be arc-blasted);

Ordinary SSTC has higher cost and lower success rate, while single-tube SSTC has low cost and high success rate.


news_img Image sensor claimed to work equally well in all lighting conditions;

OmniVision has brought out a 2.9-micron, 2MP image sensor with ultra-low-light (ULL) technology.


news_img [Electronics] Recording of the production process of a solid Tesla coil;

Trying to do the integrated half-bridge solid Tesla coil, the effect feels good, first design the PCB motherboard


news_img MagnaChip launches HV Super Junction MOSFET;

MagnaChip of Seoul has introduced of a High-Voltage Super Junction MOSFET with a 900V breakdown voltage and low total gate charge (Qg) (“90R1K4P”).


news_img Mobile phone infrared air conditioner remote control DIY production;

So how do you make a USB power take-off splitter yourself?