news_img Arm discloses two-year roadmap for CPUs;

Breaking with tradition, Arm has announced a roadmap for its client CPUs, and plans for a new CPU later this year and the company’s plans to meet the demands of 5G and always-connected devices.


news_img Mouser adds Microchip’s dual-core DSCs for motor control;

dual-core digital signal controllers (DSCs) for motor control applications.


news_img Fully printed flexible display offers low power for simple IoT devices;

Electrochromic technology is the key to low-cost simple displays, according to Swedish firm Rdot Displays.


news_img Battery charger dev kit;

The ST plug-and-play wireless battery-charger development kit (STEVAL-ISB045V1) lets users build ultra-compact chargers up to 2.5W with a space-saving 20mm-diameter coil, for charging small IoT devices and wearables such as smart watches, sports gear, or healthcare equipment.


news_img Glasgow researchers embed nanowires in flexible surfaces for bendable electronics manufacturing;

A new form of electronics manufacturing which embeds silicon nanowires into flexible surfaces could lead to radical new forms of bendable electronics, say engineers from the University of Glasgow who have been able to affordably ‘print’ high-mobility semiconductor nanowires onto flexible surfaces to develop high-performance ultra-thin electronic layers.


news_img Central Semiconductor’s redesigns its website;

Central Semiconductor’s redesigns its website