Karl Lagerfeld, chanel designer, Is Dead

Karl Lagerfeld, chanel designer, Is Dead

tenco 2019-02-20

Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most prolific designers of the past half century. On February 19, 2019, Chanel announced that a generation of fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld died in Paris. The media said that he was 85 years old - he was vague about his age.

At the age of 14, Karl Lagerfeld of the metropolis left his hometown of Hamburg, Germany, to the fashion capital of Paris, and entered the fashion world through self-study. Since then, Karl Lagerfeld has been fascinated with the fashion industry for a lifetime, and has designed countless exquisite works for brands such as Fendi, Chloé and Chanel. He himself has also become a fashion logo - wearing a narrow version of men's clothing, wearing sunglasses, white ponytails, forever.

Carl Lagerfeld's most praised achievement is to bring Chanel, who was on the verge of bankruptcy, back to life.

In the 1970s, like other luxury brands, Chanel was obsessed with the rules after the death of the founder Coco Chanel. At the time, Chanel focused on the production of perfumes, and earned most of the profits, but ignored the innovation of Haute Couture, continued to retain or gently modify the design of the late founder, and gradually slipped to the edge of the fashion industry.

Nearly a decade after the founder passed away, the troubled Chanel boss Alan Wertheimer made an important personnel decision to hire Carl Lagerfeld, who had worked for another fashion brand Fendi, as Chanel designer. Plastic brand.

The fashion industry is changing rapidly. Popular today, it may change soon.

After Karl Lagerfeld's death, Chanel has announced that Karl Lagerfeld's longtime collaborator Virginie Viard will succeed Karl Lagerfeld's creative work.