China in the Internet queens report: seven of the world's top 30 Internet companies

China in the Internet queens report: seven of the world's top 30 Internet companies

tenco 2019-06-12

Mary Meeker, the queen of the Internet, released her 2019 Internet trends report in the early hours of June 12, Beijing time.Dozens of pages of the 333-page report are devoted to China's Internet industry.

The information points compiled by tencent "deep net" are as follows:

In 2018, the number of mobile Internet users in China reached 817 million, up 9% year-on-year.

China accounts for 21 per cent of the world's Internet users, compared with 12 per cent in India and 8 per cent in the us.

Chinese companies account for seven of the world's top 30 Internet companies by market capitalisation.

In 2018, China's mobile Internet data traffic increased 189% year on year, and the growth rate is still accelerating year by year.

China's short video APP led the growth in the number and duration of users.

Short video accounts for an increasing proportion of users' overall duration, and mainly brings incremental duration.


Original innovation in China: games have transformed payment, e-commerce, retail, education and more

WeChat applet: start with a small game and develop to a large applet ecosystem.

Alipay ant forest: gamification not only contributes to environmental protection, but also helps increase user activity.

Pinduoduo: social + game drives the rapid growth of shopping online.

Belle/tao bo: digital + gamification drives same-store sales growth.

Online education: gamification of math and programming.

China's original innovation: internet-driven innovation in products and business models

Instant messaging drives transactions + services

WeChat innovation: chat drive small program and payment development.

Overseas Internet companies have gradually adopted the WeChat strategy, such as Kakao/Line/Facebook, which began to include a transaction feature.

Local life evolved into a super APP

Meituan - started as a group purchase, Meituan has evolved into a super APP, aggregating more than 30 local transaction services, with 410 million transaction users, a year-on-year growth of more than 26%.

Super APP improves the trading activity and frequency of users.

Alipay - started as an electronic wallet, it has evolved into a super APP, with more than 200,000 small programs, 1 billion users worldwide, and 70% of them use more than three financial services.

Overseas companies are gradually adopting super APP strategies, such as Grab/Rappi/Uber.

Retail innovation, online/offline/global channels

Online retail innovation: mobile live broadcast brings ge xinhua, interactive shopping experience, and significantly increases transaction conversion rate

Fresh retail innovation: omni-channel, online distribution, community group, flash delivery and other modes 


Alibaba's new retail strategy: digital offline retail

Offline retail innovation: WeChat group + applets help drive sales at belle/wave pilot stores

Yonghui supermarket: reconstruct the offline retail experience

Innovation in education has spread from offline to online

Online and offline integration of k-12 education in China, live broadcasting + dual teacher mode + homework problem solving.

Chinese online children's education 1 for 1 foreign teachers English + various programming courses

Digitization of government services

WeChat + alipay government services reach 500 million users