Advanced micro released the first new H12 generation A+ server series

Advanced micro released the first new H12 generation A+ server series

tenco 2019-08-10

The new AMD EPYC™7002 series processor sets the benchmark for world records and delivers superior performance

Enterprise computing, storage, network solutions and global leader in the field of the superfine green computing technology Computer co., LTD. (Super Micro Computer, Inc.) (SMCI) recently released its first new H12 generation A + server series, the series of optimized, with the aid of AMD EPYC ™ 7002 series processors, for integration of modern data center to provide new and excellent performance.

Advanced micro is now launched based on AMD EPYC (TM) 7002 series processor system

Compared to the first generation AMD EPYC™ processor-based systems, AMD's new H12 A+ server is expected to deliver up to twice as much performance and twice as many cores as the second generation AMD EPYC™ processors.With these new A+ servers, customers are also expected to boost GPU accelerators and peak floating-point operations (FLOPS) of up to four times per slot.

World record performance

Amd is delivering record performance benchmarks for the tpcx-iot and tpc-ds categories on its new H12 A+ servers.For the tpcx-iot, 472200.88 IoTps is built on amd's H12 TwinPro™2U 4-node server, where faster Internet of things gateway data analysis is critical to the explosive growth of the Internet of things device population.This is especially true given the huge increase in bandwidth that 5G brings.The tpc-ds set A new world record using the ultra micro H12 A+ BigTwin system.For a 10TB database, this server offers the highest performance and best value for money, with a QphDS throughput (compound queries per hour) 64% higher than the previous world record holder and a savings of $0.05 per QphDS.

The company sales and commercial sector corporate vice President, Ismail Sayeeduddin said: "the superfine industry-leading H12 A + server using EPYC 7002 series processors AMD function, provides the ideal of modern data center function combination, including the virtualization of strong performance, each slot as many as 64 high-performance kernel, each slot up to 128 threads, and onboard disk controller, to ease the memory access bottleneck.Amd's H12 A+ servers have A variety of optimized configurations and storage densities to meet customer needs.

In addition, these new amd A+ servers offer greater data center flexibility and responsiveness with comprehensive and balanced I/O, memory, and security capabilities.As the first generation of pci-e ®4.0 supported systems, these A+ servers have memory footprint up to 4TB per socket and fast DDR4 memory up to 3200MHz per socket.

"We are pleased and grateful to our partners for supporting the launch of the EPYC 7002 series processor," said Scott Aylor, enterprise vice President and general manager of AMD's data center solutions division.Their epyc-based solution will provide a new standard for modern data center customers.With twice the kernel, breakthrough performance, and embedded security features -- all provided by a leadership architecture -- customers can transform their data center operations at the rate of their enterprise."

AMD provides industry-leading systems based on AMD EPYC™ and Server Building Block Solutions®.From single-socket mainstream and WIO servers to high-end Ultra server systems and multi-node systems, including BigTwin™ and TwinPro™, amd enables customers to build application optimization solutions with multiple configuration possibilities.

These new 2nd generation AMD EPYC™ processors are also slot compatible with AMD H11 (drop-down support for processor board card revision 2.x).When pci-e ®4.0 support is not required, this provides a quick way to upgrade new and existing customers on H11 systems.Existing amd H11 solutions are still uniquely competitive because they can support memory up to ddr4-3200mhz.