Dialog semiconductor is the first company to introduce automotive - class configurable mixed signal IC

Dialog semiconductor is the first company to introduce automotive - class configurable mixed signal IC

tenco 2019-08-08

The unique GreenPAK™ customizable technology enhances design flexibility and extensibility, driving the future of the automotive industry.

Beijing, China, August 7, 2019 -- Dialog semiconductor (DLG), A provider of highly integrated power management, AC/DC power conversion, charging and bluetooth low-power technologies, has announced the launch of the first configurable mixed-signal IC (CMIC)  SLG46620-A  for automotive applications.

In today's advanced automotive market, manufacturers need to deploy the latest safety, comfort and self-driving features, which require an increasing number of integrated circuits (IC).Current solutions to support these functions are limited to discrete devices and standard IC, requiring large bill of materials support.

The rich and powerful  SLG46620-A brings Dialog's GreenPAK™ platform to the automotive space, helping manufacturers reduce project costs, accelerate product launches, and unify development processes.The CMIC replaces dozens of components used in previous automotive applications, optimizing flexibility, size and BOM cost.

Each auto-grade GreenPAK basic chip can be configured to realize multiple IC functions in accordance with aec-q100 standard, including power timing, voltage monitoring, system reset, LED control, frequency detection, sensor interface and so on.Each custom factory-configured IC comes with a unique part number, silk-screen, auto-grade data sheet, and production part approval process (PPAP).In production, the customer's unique GreenPAK CMIC will be configured and tested at the plant to ensure its functional specifications meet the vehicle reliability level requirements.

The CMIC helps oems create flexible base platforms that can be easily customized without additional design costs.The extensible nature of the Dialog automotive GreenPAK portfolio enables customers to select the CMIC that best suits their needs and budget.

"Automotive electronics designers will benefit greatly from the flexibility and low latency offered by the SLG46620-A CMIC device," said Tom Sandoval, senior vice President, automotive business division, Dialog semiconductor.Because the GreenPAK product handles asynchronous input quickly and efficiently, the SLG46620-A is ideal for implementing security features.This is the first in a series of CMIC devices Dialog will offer to the growing automotive market."