Application range of solid state capacitors

Application range of solid state capacitors

tenco 2019-07-27

Main applications of solid state capacitors

Main applications of solid aluminum capacitors:

1. The impedance - frequency curve of solid aluminum capacitors is similar to that of ideal capacitors. Therefore, they are particularly suitable for filtering capacitors to remove ripple, pulse, digital, static and audio noises in the circuit.

2, solid aluminum capacitor through ripple current is large, so it can be used as a switching power filter capacitor, greatly reduce the number or volume of capacitor, make circuit miniaturization;

3. Solid aluminum capacitors can be discharged quickly and can be used as backup capacitors in high-speed circuits that consume large current;

4. The ESR value of the solid-state aluminum capacitor hardly changes with the temperature, so it can be applied to equipment in low-temperature environment (as low as -55℃);

5, solid aluminum capacitors with a long life (85℃ life up to 50,000 h, solid aluminum capacitors generally follow the 10 times service life/temperature drop of 20℃ rule), therefore, can be used for those long time industrial equipment.

Analysis of solid state capacitor development trend

Solid state capacitor has the advantages of environmental protection, low impedance, high and low temperature stability, high ripple resistance and high reliability, etc.Due to solid capacitance characteristics is far superior to liquid aluminum capacitor, solid-state capacitors and heat-resistant up to 260 degrees Celsius, and electrical conductivity, good frequency characteristic and life are, solid capacitance than conventional liquid electrolytic capacitor with up to six times the service life, and have high frequency, high temperature resistant, resistant to high current advantages, coupled with solid-state capacitors is less affected by the surrounding temperature and humidity characteristics, suitable for low voltage, high current applications, mainly used in digital products such as thin DVD and industrial computer, projector, etc.

Current solid-state capacitors used mostly near the CPU, as a result of Microsoft's new operating system Windows Vista basic hardware requirements for central processing unit (CPU) require the use of a 64 - bit CPU, in high order when the CPU running, easy to cause the system temperature, so Microsoft and Intel are designated higher-order compatible CPU motherboard must use high heat resistance of solid-state capacitor design.

According to the analysis, 90% of solid state capacitors are still used in CPU in Asian market.However, with the rapid growth of LCD TV industry, especially the high definition TV (HDTV) demand for solid state capacitor, including China and other countries are about to promote the comprehensive digital development trend of TV, it is expected that the demand for solid state capacitor from LCD TV will explode again.Not only LCD TV will bring substantial growth opportunities for solid state capacitors, including industrial computer servers and other active use of solid state capacitors.In addition, the advanced graphics card market is also the main battleground of solid state capacitor manufacturers.At the same time, game chips require fast data processing power and increasingly high resolution for picture quality, which will be an emerging market for solid-state capacitors.