Allegro adds GMR sensor IC

Allegro adds GMR sensor IC

tenco 2019-07-15

Allegro has announced an update to its wheel-speed sensor line to meet all industry requirements, from high-precision GMR (giant reluctance) to hall effect sensor solutions.The addition of A19250 and A19350, based on Allegro's patented GMR technology, delivers industry-leading performance and is compatible with hall effect products as an alternative solution.These devices make Allegro's range of wheel speed products ideal for all the demanding requirements of today's wheel speed applications.

"Allegro has always been committed to providing the widest range of wheel-speed sensor ics to meet all market needs," explains Peter Wells, director of Allegro MicroSystems' speed sensors business unit.We are proud to add these new products, which are based on GMR technology, to the hall sensor family to meet multiple speed or speed/direction protocol requirements and provide the full benefits of GMR or hall sensors, all of which are integrated with the latest security features and algorithms."

The A19250 and A19350, based on GMR technology, are designed to work with magnetic wheels to measure speed and direction information.By integrating the most advanced GMR technology with industry-leading signal processing algorithms on a single chip, it can provide greater repeatability to support higher precision requirements at higher operating air gaps and at lower differential magnetic input signals.The combination of GMR and differential sensing technology can suppress the interference of common mode magnetic field.

The GMR wheel speed sensor IC is a small, single-in-line package with an integrated EMC protective capacitor that meets the ISO 26262 (under evaluation) functional safety standard.

Allegro solutions based on hall effect include ARS19200, ATS19200, and A19300 wheel speed sensor IC.The high flexibility of the hall effect sensor makes it easy to integrate diamagnetism, providing high precision speed or speed/direction information, whether the target application is a magnetic wheel or an iron wheel.

These products are also small, single-in-line packages with integrated EMC protection that meet the ISO 26262 (under evaluation) functional safety standard.To facilitate further design, the ATS19200 is a fully integrated wheel speed sensor with EMC protection and magnetic backing, providing a fully optimized sensor IC solution for iron wheel applications.