Huawei has secured 46 commercial 5G contracts

Huawei has secured 46 commercial 5G contracts

tenco 2019-06-11

On June 10, in the Chinese foreign ministry regular press conference, foreign ministry spokesman GengShuang in response to the U.S. secretary of state, peng the comments about Chinese enterprises because of information security, said peng admire Mr Speech full of lies and myths, final at the expense of his personal image and credibility, at the expense of America's credibility around the world.

As of June 6, huawei has won 46 commercial 5G contracts in 30 countries, including some Allies and European countries that the us has been trying to persuade for some time, geng said.Which countries?

"I won't mention the names of these countries so that some people won't be shocked.Once again, justice is in the heart of the people. An increasing number of people are showing an objective and fair attitude towards Chinese enterprises' participation in 5G construction in their own countries, and an increasing number of countries are independently making choices in line with their own interests."

Nokia recently claimed to have won 42 commercial 5G contracts, more than huawei.It was later denied by huawei.According to the foreign ministry today, huawei is still ranked first in the world with 46 commercial 5G contracts.