The RX 72m product group has the highest performance and maximum storage

The RX 72m product group has the highest performance and maximum storage

tenco 2019-06-10

It has the highest performance and maximum storage capacity in RX series, and realizes the control and communication functions with a single chip.

Tokyo, Japan, June 6, 2019 - renesas electronics co., LTD. (TSE: 6723), a leading global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the launch of the RX microcontroller (MCU) series RX72M product group, which includes EtherCAT® secondary station controllers for industrial Ethernet communications.This new flagship product group in the ressa RX family brings high-performance, single-chip solutions with large memory capacities to industrial devices requiring control and communication capabilities, such as compact industrial robots, programmable logic controllers, remote I/O, and industrial gateways.

EtherCAT's use in industrial Ethernet is growing rapidly, with proprietary MCUS, IC, and high-end system-on-chip (SoC) devices for EtherCAT communications.The performance of the new RX72M product group is superior. At 240MHz primary frequency, the CoreMark score at EEMBC® benchmark is as high as 1396 (note 1).Application processing and EtherCAT communication can be implemented simultaneously.The team combines motor control MCU with on-chip EtherCAT slave station capabilities to enable industrial application developers to reduce BOM and support the miniaturization required for industrial equipment design.

"The RX72M product group provides a revolutionary solution to a key challenge faced by industrial robot designers: the increasingly stringent limits on board space imposed by circuit board miniaturization," said fu tianming, vice President of renesas electronic industrial automation.As a leading global supplier of MCU and industrial network solutions, renesas is pleased to introduce RX72M products and share our extensive embedded design expertise.This new product reduces circuit board area by about 50% compared to earlier products, while maintaining high performance and support for EtherCAT communications, paving the way for customers to design simple and flexible industrial equipment.

The RX72M product group is the first RX series MCU to include an EtherCAT secondary controller, with the highest SRAM capacity in the RX series -- 1 MB of SRAM and 4 MB of flash memory.High-capacity SRAM allows the MCU to run multiple middleware systems, such as TCP/IP, web servers, and file systems, at high speeds without external storage.It also provides flexibility to support future extensions such as the OPC unified architecture (OPC UA) standard without additional storage.The on-chip flash memory can also be used as two 2MB flash memory independently, so that the terminal device can run stably.Such as in a flash memory to execute the program, can be simultaneously in another flash memory for background rewrite.

Key features of the RX72M product group:

· the first integrated EtherCAT secondary controller in the RX series MCU

· supports high performance of industrial Ethernet communication at 240MHz up to 1396 CoreMark rating, the first RX series MCU integrated with embedded double precision floating point unit (FPU)

· high speed flash memory system supports up to 120 MHz rate, creating high performance and low variability operating environment

· special trigonometric functions (sin, cos, arctan and hypot) accelerator and register group saving function, realizing high-precision motor control -- the same function as the risa RX72T motor to control MCU

· reliable encryption mechanisms, such as hardware encryption modules and memory protection functions to protect keys -- to prevent unauthorized copying of application systems and to support authentication of real devices

· flexible packaging options, including 176 pin LQFP packaging and 176 pin BGA packaging, as well as the first 224 pin BGA packaging in RX series MCU, can save extra space for a design with limited size