The Moser Electronic Original Development Board Design Competition is in full swing!

The Moser Electronic Original Development Board Design Competition is in full swing!

tenco 2019-05-23

Focusing on the introduction of new products to promote innovation in the industry, the original development board design competition sponsored by Mouser Electronics was officially launched today! This competition aims to show the strength of more local hardware developers, as long as it is If you have an idea and a strong developer, you can learn skills in the Moser Electronic Original Development Board Design Competition, get opportunities for competitive exchanges, and have the chance to win the final prize.

In recent years, development boards have received more and more attention from equipment manufacturers' engineers. They can provide basic hardware application platforms, system application cases and driver reference resources for vendors based on new chip development products, and have flexibility. Developers can use their imagination to innovate and develop their own products based on the development board. This original development board design competition will be judged by the internationally renowned manufacturers such as Adler Semiconductor, Maxim Semiconductor, Microchip Technology, ON Semiconductor, Roma Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, etc., who will be creative, technical, and The functional and mass production feasibility and completion degree are comprehensively considered in the four aspects of the entries. The selection process is more rigorous and professional. Instead of blindly pursuing technology, it is a comprehensive test of all aspects of the players' ability. Creative and practical development board.

Ms. Tian Jiping, Vice President of Market and Business Development, Asia Pacific, Moser Electronics said: "Embedded hardware development is one of the hottest and most popular professions in the next few years. It not only needs to learn related technologies, but also build a knowledge system. Cultivate innovative ideas. For the whole society, innovation is an important source for its vigorous development. However, it is not enough to have a sense of innovation. We also need to put ideas into reality on a conscious basis and promote the innovation and development of society. The competition held by the company has encouraged the innovation of China's local development board, so we also hope that the participants will not be constrained by traditional ideas in the design process and add their own creative elements. Over the years, the company will continue to innovate as The DNA and motive force of enterprise development, we will always adhere to the innovative brand concept and help the sustainable development of Chinese society."

With the rich product line and intimate customer service, the company is actively introducing new technologies and new products to meet the needs of design engineers and procurement personnel. The company's electronic inventory has a large number of new electronic components to support customers' next-generation design projects. The Mouser website not only has a variety of advanced search tools to help users quickly understand product inventory, but the website is constantly updated to continuously optimize the user experience. In addition, the Mouser website provides a wealth of information such as data sheets, vendor-specific reference designs, application notes, technical design information, and engineering tools for your reference.