Renesas electronics has released the RX72T series MCU to bring a richer selection of microcontrollers for industrial robot servo control

Renesas electronics has released the RX72T series MCU to bring a richer selection of microcontrollers for industrial robot servo control

tenco 2019-05-16

Renesas electronics co., LTD., the world's leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the launch of the 32-bit motor control microcontroller (MCU)RX72T series, equipped with dedicated hardware accelerator IP to perform the complex, high-speed calculations required for motor control in robots and other industrial equipment.The RX72T series delivers exceptional performance, scoring a high score of 1160 CoreMark in the EEMBC benchmark -- the highest level of a 5V MCU operating at 200 MHz.

Renesas electronics RX72T brings richer MCU options for industrial robot servo control

"The RX72T family of products brings leading performance, built-in IP, security and encryption capabilities, as well as advanced control capabilities to our rich MCU product line optimized for industrial robot and motor control," said fu tianming, vice President of renesas' electronic industrial automation business.The new product expands a convenient migration path for the RX family of products and opens up new possibilities for extremely low-cost design in compact industrial robots."We are pleased to be able to drive the deployment of these applications to improve productivity in industrial environments.

RX72T series MCU key features

With the wide application of servo systems, the demand for compact industrial robots is increasing.In order to achieve the complex motion required by industrial robots, it is necessary to control the position, direction, speed and torque of the motor with high precision.

RX72T MCU includes special accelerator hardware, which can complete the high speed position and speed control calculation required for servo motor control in compact industrial robots.The current control loop operation can be performed in a time of less than 1.5 s (note 2), giving users the option to develop their own servo systems instead of purchasing off-the-shelf servo systems.

Computing in software can take a long time.However, a completely hardware-based approach can have an impact on flexibility, making it difficult for users to implement specific control actions.RX72T MCU solved this problem only by performing single precision floating-point trigonometry (sin, cos, arctan, hypot) and register group saving function as the special IP in the hardware, which not only ensured the flexibility, but also improved the operation speed.In addition, the register group saving function improves the speed and precision of interrupt processing and the performance of the device.This series of MCU also includes 200 MHz PWM inverter control timer, can complete up to 4 channels 3 phase control, 2 channels 5 phase control, or 10 channels single phase control.

Customers using renesas e-ai fault detection solutions can use it in conjunction with the new RX72T MCU to improve production efficiency.With a single MCU, the characteristic data (current and velocity values) representing the motor state can be directly used for motor control and e-ai-based fault detection.The MCU also has a hardware based system fault protection function and hardware encryption module, which can be used for the encryption/decryption of communication data.

Renesas provides sensorless vector control and encoder vector control programs, Renesas Motor Workbench 2.0 for real-time debugging, and RX72T CPU CARDS that support a 24v Motor control evaluation suite.

With this new RX72T MCU family, renesas electronics provides system manufacturers with a range of 5V motor control MCU product lines with the highest software compatibility, a smooth migration path from new high-end MCU to RX23T(40 MHz), RX24T(80 MHz) and RX66T(160 MHz)MCU, and design flexibility in the RX MCU environment.The RX72T family of products is also fully compatible with the RX66T family of products that includes the RXv3 kernel.

Price and supply information

The above MCU products will start mass production in the fourth quarter of 2019.R5F572TFBDFP devices with 512KB flash memory and 100 pins are priced at $4.06 per 10,000 units in batches. Pricing for other specifications of the devices will vary with memory size and pin count.