New product I carbon dioxide + temperature and humidity sensor module

New product I carbon dioxide + temperature and humidity sensor module

tenco 2019-05-14

(May 2019, China) SENSIRION has achieved more in the field of environmental sensitivity, creating a healthier and more efficient environment for people.As an expert in environmental sensors, the SENSIRION SCD40 -- the first miniature carbon dioxide and temperature and humidity sensor measuring just one cubic centimeter in size -- will be launched at this year's sensor and measurement 2019 in nuremberg, Germany, and the international sensor and electronic components exhibition 2019 in SAN jose, us.Based on the principle of photoacoustic sensing, this revolutionary new product combines small size and high performance, opening up more possibilities for various integration methods and new application scenarios.The SCD40 is more cost-effective and is particularly suited for high-volume and cost-sensitive applications.

The SENSIRION's deep expertise in miniaturization of sensors has led to a breakthrough step in carbon dioxide sensing: the SCD40 is only 12 x 12 x 7 mm3 in size, five times smaller than the previous generation SCD30.Utilizing photoacoustic sensor principle, SCD40 optical resonator size can be significantly reduced without affecting sensor performance.In addition, the SCD40 carbon dioxide and temperature and humidity sensors take advantage of the SENSIRION's rich expertise in environmental sensors and use the advanced temperature and humidity sensors to provide two additional sensor outputs.With its unrivaled micro size and superior cost performance, the SCD40 is the preferred choice in today's and tomorrow's carbon dioxide sensing markets such as the Internet of things, automobiles, hvac systems, home appliances, and consumer electronics.

Buildings are becoming more energy-efficient thanks to new energy standards and better segregation, but at the cost of accelerating the deterioration of air quality within them.Since high levels of carbon dioxide harm human health and productivity, carbon dioxide levels are a key indicator of indoor air quality.New fans and intelligent ventilation systems in commercial and residential areas often use carbon dioxide sensors to regulate ventilation in the most energy-efficient and human-friendly way.In addition, carbon dioxide sensors play a vital role in indoor air quality monitoring, so they can be integrated into indoor air quality monitors, air purifiers and smart thermostats.The SCD40 micro carbon dioxide and temperature and humidity sensor solution will revolutionize product design and lay the foundation for a host of new applications.

To experience the new sensor solutions on site, welcome to SENSIRION booth no. 316, hall 1, sensor & test & measurement 2019, and booth no. 324, hall M2, international sensor & electronic components exhibition, 2019.In addition, both events will feature exclusive live demonstrations for selected customers to gain insight into this upcoming innovation and its applications.