CISSOID presents new high-temperature gate drivers, silicon carbide devices and power modules at the nuremberg PCIM 2019 show

CISSOID presents new high-temperature gate drivers, silicon carbide devices and power modules at the nuremberg PCIM 2019 show

tenco 2019-05-13

CISSOID, the industry leader in high-temperature semiconductor solutions, presented the latest high-temperature gate drivers, silicon carbide MOSFET devices and IGBT power modules at the European power electronics and intelligent drive products exhibition 2019 (PCIM 2019).PCIM 2019 is the world's leading exhibition and conference on power electronics, intelligent transmission, renewable energy and energy management.

CISSOID company launched a new gate drive plate, the plate for the rated temperature of 125 ° C (temperature) of 62 mm silicon carbide MOSFET power module is optimized.The board is based on the CISSOID HADES gate driver chipset and can also drive IGBT power modules while providing cooling space for high-density power converter designs in automotive and industrial applications.It supports high frequency (> 100KHz) and fast silicon carbide MOSFET switches (dV/dt> 50KV/ s) to increase the efficiency of the power converter and reduce its size and weight.Designed for harsh voltage environments, the board supports the drive of 1200V and 1700V power modules, with an isolation voltage up to 3600V(after 50Hz, 1-minute voltage withstand test) and a creepage distance of 14mm.Undervoltage locking (UVLO), active mueller clamping (AMC) and desaturation detection and other protection functions ensure that in case of failure, it can not only ensure safe driving, but also provide reliable protection for the power module."This new sic gate driver is the result of years of collaboration with industry leaders in the automotive, transportation, and aerospace markets."It combines CISSOID's expertise in silicon carbide devices with its long experience in designing chips and electronic systems to adapt to harsh environments.CISSOID vice President of engineering Etienne Vanzieleghem.

In nuremberg, CISSOID also demonstrated the latest silicon carbide MOSFET devices and IGBT power modules.A new discrete 1200 v / 40 mohms have can supply silicon carbide MOSFET transistor, its the TO - 247 encapsulation, can be in 55 ° C TO 175 ° C temperature range of the normal work.The MOSFET at 25 ° C (junction temperature), the drain to source on resistance is 40 mohms, at 175 ° C (junction temperature), conduction resistance is 75 mohms.Low on-off and on-off energies (1mJ and 0.4mj, respectively) make the device ideal for efficient and compact dc-dc converters, power inverters and battery chargers.CISSOID also showed two 62mm 1200V IGBT power modules with fixed current of 200A and 300A respectively.

CISSOID is also working on developing silicon carbide MOSFET power modules, which will be rolled out in the coming months."These new products demonstrate CISSOID's commitment to providing a comprehensive silicon-based solution that includes transistors, modules and gate drivers to support the industry's use of efficient, lightweight, compact power conversion products in new electric vehicles and renewable energy applications," said Dave Hutton, CEO of CISSOID."We are working closely with oems and auto parts suppliers to customize gate drivers for new sic power inverters in new energy vehicles."He added.