Bloomberg: TSMC starts making A13 chips for new iphones

Bloomberg: TSMC starts making A13 chips for new iphones

tenco 2019-05-13

The chip, called A13, entered early test production in April and is scheduled for mass production as early as this month, people familiar with the matter said.

Apple will launch three new iphones this year, replacing the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX.All three phones will have the same basic look, but the two premium models will have three rear cameras (the iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX currently have two) and the successor iPhone XR will have two rear cameras (currently one).This means that both high-end models will have a wide Angle + telephoto + ultra wide Angle camera.

The new iPhone, due out this fall, will carry a chip about half a millimeter thick, according to bloomberg.Apple is also planning a feature that will allow users to charge devices like its latest wireless headphones, AirPods, on the back of a new iPhone.

After the day the wind international analyst Guo Ming ð « “ creates reported, 2019 iPhone will remain the same size and same area "bang", including 6.5 inch OLED screen model, 5.8 inch OLED panel model and 6.1 -inch LCD screenAmong them, the new 5.8-inch OLED may support dual sim CARDS, while the 6.1-inch new iPhone will have 4GB of ram.

The report noted that three new iphones or some new iphones support the UWB (ultra-wide Band) for indoor positioning and navigation, fog-faced glass cases, two-way wireless charging (other rechargeable devices), increased battery capacity, and Face ID upgrades (primarily to boost floodlight power).


Apple A13 chip exposure :7 core design, performance supernotebook,AI ability doubled

Every September, apple releases a new iPhone.As A flagship phone, the performance of iPhone has always been at the top level. The annual update of a-series chip, combined with the new iOS system, maximizes the performance of iPhone.The performance of the A13 has come under scrutiny as apple approaches the fall launch of a new iPhone with the A13 chip.

Apple's A13 chip, which we'll be seeing this year, is still the flagship. It was exclusively made by TSMC and USES the same number of transistors as the iPad Pro's A12X.However, in terms of the number of cores, apple's A13 chip may change from two performance cores + four energy efficiency cores in A12 bionics to three performance cores + four energy efficiency cores, which can even surpass the performance of some laptops.

It is worth mentioning that apple's A13 chip will also greatly improve AI performance.The new neural network engine will give apple's A13 chips three to five times the AI performance of its A12 bionic chips.With powerful computing power, we can get excellent photo effects and bring more new features to the user experience of Siri voice assistant.

Judging from the A13 chip, the new iPhone is still very powerful.But it's unclear whether apple will increase its prices as its performance improves.But for apple fans, the A13 chip experience, or very much worth looking forward to.