NetApp has announced the launch of a new end-to-end, mid-tier NVMe AFF A320 system

NetApp has announced the launch of a new end-to-end, mid-tier NVMe AFF A320 system

tenco 2019-05-13

NetApp release ONTAP 9.6, middle NVMe AFF A320 storage system

NetApp today announced the launch of NetApp ONTAP 9.6, a new end-to-end, mid-tier NVMe AFF A320 storage system, and a richer portfolio of services designed to help companies extract maximum value from their data.

NetApp's cloud-connected flash memory solution is an important component of the Data Fabric strategy, offering unprecedented performance, streamlining, operational efficiency and Data protection needed to support innovation, as well as supporting the most demanding Data sets and technologies such as artificial intelligence or 5G networks.NetApp gives enterprises everything they need to build their own Data Fabric that spans public, private, and internal environments.With the solutions provided by NetApp, the Data Fabric can deliver applications that are more attractive to users and provide analytics to turn insights into competitive advantages.

Eric Burgener, IDC's vice President of research for infrastructure systems, platforms, and technologies, said: "as companies transform to adopt new, data-centric business models, data becomes increasingly important and becomes an important strategic resource."NetApp's cloud-connected flash solutions, combined with the Data Fabric strategy, provide high performance, usability, agility and streamlining for companies in the process of digital transformation to help them create and leverage innovative business opportunities in a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Joel Reich, executive vice President and general manager of NetApp's storage systems and software division, said: "what we're seeing with upcoming technological advances like 5G networks is that the ability of companies to generate, collect and disseminate massive amounts of data is being stimulated like never before, and companies that are not prepared for this are going to be left out in the dust."With NetApp ONTAP, companies can address the challenges posed by these data-intensive technologies and cutting-edge innovations by leveraging trusted, powerful intelligent solutions to maximize value from data.

Maximize value in a hybrid cloud

ONTAP 9.6 data management software makes it easy to speed up applications, simplify infrastructure for future needs, and provide security.Through ONTAP 9.6, businesses of all sizes can maximize data value and take action to develop new data-driven projects.ONTAP 9.6 includes the following enhancements:

The extended fiber channel-based NVMe(NVMe/FC) ecosystem now includes VMware ESXi, Microsoft Windows, and Oracle Linux hosts on top of support for Red Hat and SUSE Linux, with storage path flexibility.Most enterprise workloads can benefit from NVMe/FC performance;

FabricPool supports not only Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services(AWS) and IBM Cloud Storage, but also Google Cloud Platform and ali Cloud.Enterprises can reduce the cost of main storage by automatically layering cold data into any mainstream public cloud or NetApp StorageGRID private cloud.

NetApp FlexCache software supports NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, which can help enterprises realize the advantages of FlexCache in mixed Cloud deployment.

Encryption for NetApp SnapMirror technology and FlexCache during transmission enhances data replication and remote cache security;

For entry-level NetApp 20 and FAS system NetApp MetroCluster ™ IP support IP network, can use the site between existing customers for business continuity to become the choice of enterprise economic efficiency.

New end-to-end mid-tier NVMe system

Last year, NetApp launched the AFF A800.As the industry's first end-to-end NVMe system, AFF A800 offers industry-leading performance and unparalleled data services guaranteed by the industry's most efficient storage efficiency.With this launch, NetApp extends these advantages to the mid-market.With the AFF A320 system, customers can:

Accelerate traditional and emerging enterprise applications such as artificial intelligence and deep learning, analytics, and databases with very low latency;

With powerful system integration applications, reduce the cost of data center;

Use NVMe technology, 100GbE Ethernet and cluster to create an environment that fits the needs of the future.

A richer portfolio of service products can meet the needs of a wider range of customers

Customers can rely on NetApp's standards-based best practices and expert engineers to improve efficiency and performance and prevent business disruptions and data loss.NetApp's expanded service portfolio now includes:

SupportEdge Prestige: this service provides close butler-level technical support, which can be used to speed up problem solving through telephone priority transfer, assign designated expert teams to customers, and provide professional reports, tools and evaluation of the operation status of storage environment.

Layered deployment of services: this service accelerates the value of new NetApp technologies and reduces the risk of improper installation or misconfiguration.It includes three new high-quality options: basic deployment, standard deployment, and advanced deployment, each of which meets the corresponding customer business objectives;

Hosted upgrade service: this service is delivered remotely to reduce security risks by ensuring that NetApp software receives all the latest security fixes and firmware updates.