The Melexis release vehicle application class II embedded motor drive MLX81206

The Melexis release vehicle application class II embedded motor drive MLX81206

tenco 2019-05-10

Recently, Belgium tyson delors - the global microelectronics engineering company Melexis announced the launch of the second generation of embedded motor driven products for automotive applications series of the latest product MLX81206.

This single-chip solution is powered by 64 KB flash memory with higher integration and can drive brushless dc motors from 100W to 1000W.

Its name is LIN 1. X /LIN 2. X and SAE J602, its digital communication interface is its most widely used in the automotive industry, it is a simple solution to drive many high-power brushless dc motors.MLX81206 supports sensorless or sensorless 12V motor drive and is ideal for quiet, high-performance HVAC blowers, engine cooling fans, and pumps in conventional, hybrid, and fully electric vehicles.

Melexis combines high-voltage analog circuits with digital technologies, including flash memory, non-volatile RAM memory and embedded microcontrollers, to create this highly integrated embedded drive.This makes MLX81206 an efficient and complete hardware and software integrated single chip solution.

The combination of sensing technology and drive control gives the MLX81206 significant advantages in size, performance and stability.The device can be easily connected to a variety of sensors, such as the MLX90380 angulator for driving a dynamic pump in a magnetic field directional control mode (FOC).The IC offers QFN32 small size package (MLX81206) and TQFP48 pin package (MLX81208).