Analysis of the intelligent capacitor 12 technical characteristics

Analysis of the intelligent capacitor 12 technical characteristics

tenco 2019-04-15

Intelligent capacitor integrates modern measurement and control, power electronics, network communication, automatic control, power capacitor and other advanced technologies.Changed the traditional reactive power compensation device controller of backward technology and poor mechanical contactor or mechatronics switch capacitor cutting technology, as a reactive power compensation device has changed the traditional structure of bulky and heavy, so that a new generation of low voltage reactive power compensation device has the better compensation effect, smaller volume, lower power consumption, the price is cheaper, more cost savings, use more flexible, more convenient maintenance, long service life, higher reliability, adapted to the modern power grid to the higher requirement of the reactive power compensation.Intelligent capacitors have the following technical characteristics:

Switching switches have strong resistance to voltage and current shock

The on-and-off switch appliances of the low-voltage power capacitor in the on-and-off operation of the intelligent capacitor use the electromagnetic on-and-off switch appliances, whose voltage impact resistance is more than 3500V ac voltage (5000V dc voltage), the current impact resistance is more than 100 times of the rated current, and the rated times of on-and-off are more than 1 million times.In today's complex and changeable electrical environment of power grid, the electromagnetic zero-crossing switching switch has excellent working reliability.

The switching switch has excellent zero - crossing switching performance

Intelligent capacitor switching on-off switch of electric appliance with special technology, electromagnetic zero for the deviation is less than 2.5 °, cutting flow is less than 2.5 times the rated current, effectively protect the low voltage power capacitor switching process flow impact, removal of overvoltage, no arc phenomenon, etc.

Intelligent network

The intelligent capacitor USES the intelligent network technology to construct the RS485 communication network to connect with each other or external devices to meet the system work needs

High quality low voltage power capacitor components

Low voltage power capacitor components using edge thickening zinc aluminum composite coating process, with good conductivity and stability, not easy to oxidation, improve the self-healing performance, low capacity attenuation, enhance the inrush current resistance ability, when the heat is small and uniform, greatly improve the capacity of low voltage power capacitor stability.

Good man-machine connection

Intelligent capacitor adopts liquid crystal display, tri-color LED light and button for man-machine communication. The display is backlit, and the clarity is not affected by the environment.The real-time display of working condition data on the liquid crystal display has a clear concept and clear display value. The three-color LED light USES yellow, green and red colors to indicate the three states of operation failure, operation removal and operation input.

Modular construction

Intelligent capacitor is modular structure, small size, simple field wiring, easy maintenance.The expansion of reactive power compensation system can be realized only by increasing the number of modules.

High quality capacitor

The self-healing low-voltage compensation capacitor is adopted, and the temperature sensor is built in the capacitor to reflect the internal heating degree of the capacitor and realize over-temperature protection.

Embedded switch module

Intelligent capacitor with built-in switch module.The on-off switch module is composed of thyristor, magnetic latching relay, zero-crossing trigger circuit and thyristor protection circuit, so as to realize the "zero-on-off" of capacitor and ensure that there is no inrush current and no operating overvoltage in the on-off process.The switch module has fast response speed and can be operated frequently.

Perfect protection design

Intelligent capacitors have the functions of power failure protection, short circuit protection, voltage phase loss protection, capacitor overtemperature protection, etc., effectively ensuring the safety of capacitors and extending the service life of equipment.

Advanced control technology

The control physical quantity is reactive power, and reactive power flow prediction and delayed multi-point sampling technology are adopted to ensure no oscillation during switching.At heavy load, the reactive power is fully compensated.

Anti - switching oscillation technology

The unique design principle is adopted to prevent the uncompensated or over-compensated field caused by the dead of the controller and to prevent the switching oscillation of the capacitor.

Automatic compensation of reactive power

The intelligent capacitor can automatically switch on and off according to the load reactive power, and dynamically compensate the reactive power to improve the power quality.Intelligent capacitors can be used by a single set or multiple sets online.