OmniVision promotes the industry's smallest and best value automotive image sensor

OmniVision promotes the industry's smallest and best value automotive image sensor

tenco 2019-04-11

The latest 2-megapixel, rgb-ir sensor not only provides excellent low light and near infrared sensitivity, but also has a high dynamic range and advanced ASIL security features designed to reduce artifacts and improve overall system reliability.

Santa Clara, calif.With its industry-leading capabilities, the sensor is ideal for in-car surveillance imaging applications, such as monitoring in-car packages, unattended children and video meetings.The OV2778 USES the minimal viable package of the in-car hidden camera -- 6.5x 5.7mm automotive CSP -- to minimize visual impact.In addition, it provides advanced ASIL functional security, which is important when OV2778 is part of the ADAS system.

Thilo Rausch, product marketing manager at Howe technologies, said: "the demand for cabin and passenger monitoring is accelerating the growth of the global automotive image sensor market."Our new OV2778 image sensor is not only highly sensitive to a variety of lighting conditions, but is also cost-effective and makes it possible to load these applications into mainstream vehicles.

OV2778 OmniVision based 2.8 micron OmniBSI ™ - 2 Deep Well ™ pixel technology, can provide a 16-bit linear output by a single exposure, and have similar best low light sensitivity.With the second exposure, the dynamic range can be increased to 120dB to minimize motion artifacts.The sensor's leading low light performance makes it ideal for all types of in-flight applications.In addition, with the integrated rgb-ir, 4x4 mode color filter and external frame synchronization, the OV2778 achieves optimal imaging under a variety of lighting conditions.

The image sensor is certified by aec-q100 Grade 2 and is suitable for automotive applications.In addition, the OV2778 can be easily integrated into existing automotive platforms, thanks to the extensive installation of its predecessor.

The OV2778 prototype is now available, along with a plug and play car reference design system that can be installed on any vehicle for rapid development.The image sensor will be on display at the Shanghai auto show on April 18, solstice 20.