Do you know the definition and difference of VR, AR and MR?

Do you know the definition and difference of VR, AR and MR?

tenco 2019-04-01

When it comes to VR, many of you may have played it. Now there are many VR experience pavilions all over the world. You can get one experience for 5-10 yuan in some places.Wearing VR glasses and holding the handle, everything seems to be immersed in another world.In fact, the helmet is not expensive, cheap 100 yuan to buy one, of course, the effect is almost, the content may not experience the rich museum.

VR, since it's virtual, everything we see is an illusion, a scene in a video image.VR is a kind of simulation using computer generated 3 d world, but as a result of wearing VR is "head" (also called helmet, VR glasses, is a kind of using a head-mounted display of visual, auditory closed to the outside world, guide the user to produce a body feel) in the three-dimensional virtual environment, give a person a kind of immersive, telepresence, by sound and light effects, such as the consciousness of the people into a virtual world, let people do believe they are really in the virtual world.

AR, relative to VR, is an element of augmented reality. We can simply understand that AR is to display virtual information in the real world, that is, to display the real environment and virtual information or objects in the same picture.For example, when we go to the science and technology museum, we can see that news, video and weather are projected into the real model through AR technology, so as to achieve better interaction with visitors.AR can also assist in 3D modeling, simulation games, etc.

MR can be seen as the combination of VR and AR mentioned above, which perfectly combines virtual reality and augmented reality and provides a new visual environment.In AR, we can easily distinguish which is real and which is virtual, but in MR visualization environment, physical entities and digital objects form an effect similar to holographic image, which can interact with people, and virtual and real are integrated together, so that you sometimes can't tell the real from the false.Of course, MR also needs to wear a head show.

At present, in addition to the well-known game field, VR, AR and MR are also widely used in education and training, art exhibition and other aspects.With the further development of technology, it will be more integrated into our real life, which may be realized on our mobile phones in the future and become an indispensable portable tool in our future life.