Eye Vision launches the fastest and highest-resolution 3D scanning displacement sensor in the industry

Eye Vision launches the fastest and highest-resolution 3D scanning displacement sensor in the industry

tenco 2019-03-19

EyeScan AT 3D Max measurement resolution up to 1 m, can achieve the smallest detail scanning

EyeScan AT 3D Max displacement sensor from German company Eye Vision provides high scan rate and maximum resolution images (contour points) AT full range, according to maimes.With accurate high dynamic range images (HDR), the highest contrast and scanning rate of up to 100 kHz can be achieved in a full measurement range.

Laser line displacement sensor

As shown in figure 1, since the object to be measured moves under the projected laser "line" during the measurement process, this measurement process is called laser line displacement measurement.

Figure 1: EyeScan AT 3D MAX

The displacement sensor at the top of the image projects the laser line onto the circular component below to be measured.When the circular part moves with the conveyor belt, the laser line scans the whole part and forms a 3D image.

EyeScan AT 3D Max is perfect for scanning even on highly reflective or dark surfaces.This means users can detect shiny pins on black plastic and different printed labels on bottle caps.Whether they are as bright as metallic silver or a mix of soft colors, the device can run at full speed at maximum resolution.

The device USES its own EyeVision software.3D assessments in the automotive, electronics, and food and beverage industries can be achieved with just a few mouse clicks.

Built-in integration

EyeScan AT 3D Max supports major industry interfaces such as the UR Robot command and Profinet Stack.

With these integrations, the user can quickly connect the displacement sensor to a variety of manufacturing or detection systems.

Other laser measuring sensors

While Eye Vision's sensors improve the speed and resolution of displacement sensors to new levels, laser sensor measurement is not a new technology and has other applications beyond displacement sensors.The following two vendors are worth mentioning.

• Cognex's DSMax provides up to 20kHz scanning rate and maximum resolution images (2000 contour points) in a full measurement range.In the image below, the object is about to pass through the laser line projected by the device.

Figure 2: DSMax 3D laser displacement sensor

• micro-epsilon offers a wide range of laser sensors, such as optoNCDT 2300LL laser line displacement sensors.It has a measurement frequency of up to 49.140khz.