The robust 100V and 1A synchronous buck converters provide excellent light load efficiency in the industry

The robust 100V and 1A synchronous buck converters provide excellent light load efficiency in the industry

tenco 2019-03-12

Texas Instruments' highly integrated wide VIN DC/DC step-down regulators extend battery life for durable industrial and automotive applications.

Beijing, March 12, 2019 -  Texas Instruments   recently launched a wide input voltage (VIN) synchronous DC/DC step-down converter, with the industry's excellent light load efficiency, easy design and overall power solution cost combination.The 100V, 1-a Lm5164 step-down voltage converter reduces circuit board space for durable battery-powered industrial and automotive power supplies.The new DC/DC converter with  Texas Instruments   WEBENCH ® PowerDesigner, can realize more simple, more rapid switching power design.

Texas Instruments will present the LM5164 step-down converter and the LM5180 primary side-regulated flyback converter at booth no. 511 of the applied power electronics conference (APEC) on March 18, 2019 at solstice, Anaheim, California.Read a short article on  Texas Instruments  ' latest power innovations at APEC, such as new products and end-to-end power management system solutions, including hardware, software, and reference designs that help engineers get to market quickly.

LM5164 is an easy to use ultra-low static current (IQ) synchronous step-down voltage regulator, with constant on time (COT) control architecture, and the integration of high side and low side power MOSFET.The high-efficiency step-down converter operates at a wide input voltage of 6v to 100v and can provide up to 1A dc load current.The COT architecture requires no external compensation, while the internal VCC biasing power and bootstrap diodes require no additional capacitance.Read how designers can implement longer 13S, 48V lithium-ion battery packs for electric bikes and scooters, and download accurate measurements and 50 A standby current, 13S, 48V lithium-ion battery pack reference designs.

Also available is the car class lm5164-q1.Watch video to learn how to power a motor driven inverter in a 48 V/12 V light hybrid electric vehicle using lm5164-q1.

The LM5164 and lm5164-q1 add to ti's highly integrated wide VIN DC/DC converter family, enabling designers to maximize power in smaller packages.

Main features and advantages of LM5164

Contraction, circuit board space: the thermal efficiency of the new device, small appearance of integrated circuit (SOIC) PowerPAD ™ packaging size is 5 mm x 6 mm, 30% smaller than competitive products.Designers can use the LM5164 to create a complete power supply design of 105mm2, which is more than 10% smaller than the size of competing products.

· high light load efficiency: Lm5164 provides extremely low 10- A typical standby static current.This achieves a 10% light load efficiency compared to rival solutions, enables 24v to 5v conversion at 1-ma loads, and prolongs battery life.

Simple and economic design: standard 8 pin SOIC package, a few external components and WEBENCH ® Power Designer simplifies the design and reduce the cost.

Pricing and supply

The 100-v LM5164 and lm5164-q1 are currently available through  Texas Instruments   stores and authorized distributors.

Lm5164-q1evm-041 evaluation module available.