[DIY Tools] Cutting Board Artifact - Electric Table Saw

[DIY Tools] Cutting Board Artifact - Electric Table Saw

Edith 2018-12-12

Made a small table saw for cutting boards.

final effect

Production process

Prepare a variety of materials: lead (775 motor), motor bracket, connecting shaft, saw blade, power port, switch, wire, housing

First install the motor, put it into the shell and try the space.




After testing the space of this shell is obviously not enough

Had to change one, and found a broken Great Wall ATX power supply shell, I feel this is not bad.

Because the height is not enough, find a wooden mat to increase the height and fix the motor bracket.


Put the motor on, look at the position of the saw blade, and prepare to slot

The following four figures: slotting, slotting, grinding, testing.




I found a useless hole plate for installing power holes and switches.

Install the power hole and switch until the end of the project

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