[Electronics] ZVS various gameplay

[Electronics] ZVS various gameplay

Edith 2018-11-16

Recently I got a computer power supply, try ZVS, and play various games.

Overall picture

Computer power, took 12V14A

Still the original ZVS

Transformer, secondary winding 100 turns, primary 5+5, note method

Click on a 100W incandescent lamp

Induction heating, screwdriver 15 seconds burn red

Silicon steel sheet burned for 5 seconds

Screw 20 seconds burn red

Can also have a fan

Then wireless transmission, distance up to 6cm

Pulling the arc, using 7-cell lithium battery in series, the voltage is 28.8V, the breakdown is about 3CM, and it can be pulled to 7CM.


Burning iron wire, sparks really dazzling

Come to two circuits

As for the capacitor, I use the CBB61 here, more than 100 W, no problem working for a long time.

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