[Electronic] Adjustable laptop power supply

[Electronic] Adjustable laptop power supply

Edith 2018-11-13

The notebook is very convenient to use, but the battery is fully charged and quickly loses power. Although there are a lot of notebook mobile power supplies on the market, the price is generally difficult for people to accept, so I made this notebook power supply.

       This power supply can use 12V lithium battery, 12V lead-acid battery, 12V car power input, boost to 12v to 35V for notebook power supply.

Materials needed: 

                     1. MDF

                     2. DC-DC booster board

                     3.USB buck board

                     4. Several wires

                     5.DC plug three

                     6.DC socket two

                     7. Car power plug

Required tools: 

                     1. Electric iron

                     2. Hot melt glue gun

                     3. Hole opener

                     4. Diagonal pliers

                     5. Stripping pliers

DC-DC booster board

USB will press the plate

Start making:

The first step: 1. Cut the MDF to a suitable size. 2. Use a hot melt adhesive to glue the MDF into a box (do not install on the top and right side of the box). 3. Open the hole on the left side of the box and secure the DC socket with hot melt adhesive.


Step 2: 1. Remove the voltmeter of the booster board and extend it with a wire.


2. Remove the potentiometer and extend it with a wire and fix the potentiometer, voltmeter, USB port and DC socket to the MDF with hot melt adhesive. 3. Apply the hot melt adhesive to the right side of the MDF.


Step 3: 1. Solder the wire to the car's electrical plug. 2. Connect the DC plug to the wire.


3. Connect the two DC plugs.


Such a notebook power supply that can be regulated is ready.

If you want to use it, buy a set of adapters.

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