Microchip, Google Cloud produce IoT development board

Microchip, Google Cloud produce IoT development board

Edith 2018-10-11

Microchip and Google Cloud have come up with an IoT rapid development board enabling designers to prototype connected devices within minutes. 

IoT development board.png

The board has  an AVR MCU, a CryptoAuthentication secure element IC and a  Wi-Fi network controller.

Once connected, Google Cloud loT Core makes it easy to collect, process and analyse data to inform decisions at scale.

The AVR-loT WG development board gives developers the ability to add Google Cloud connectivity to new and existing projects with a single click using a free online portal. 

Once connected, developers can use Microchip’s rapid development tools, MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) and Atmel START, to develop and debug in the cloud. 

The board combines smart, connected and secure devices to enable designers to connect loT designs to the cloud.

Source from:electronicsweekly